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More importantly, you might want to limit their access to some of the system utilities, or you might go so far as turning off internet access altogether by disallowing all browsers.

That might be a little mean, especially when you can use some of the other Parental Control settings to limit the material they can access.

The next tab lets you set time limits for computer use: Apple’s approach here is quite broad-brush: you can specify the number of hours per day, with separate settings for weekdays and weekends, and you can set bed times, again with an option for a different settings for Monday to Friday and weekends.

These settings work like a time-allowance, and when it’s gone, it’s gone.

It’s not a subtle setup, and doesn’t give you control over specific times – say you’d agreed with your daughter that she would do homework from 7pm to 8pm: it’d be nice if you could restrict access to the computer during that time, which this setup can’t manage.

The final tab gives access to logs of computer usage.

A nice feature is the ability to set an address for permission requests to be sent to, so that you can know when there’s somebody new in your child’s online life, and check out whether you’re happy for them to be in contact with that person.

* A non-refundable fee of S.75 (inclusive of GST) per failed module will be charged for the appeal.

Submission between 3rd week (from semester commencement) and last day of exam week.

Click this button, and you’ll be taken to the Preference Pane that gives you control over these settings: The options here are quite obvious, but provide some fundamental protection.

You can choose to have the account use a simplified version of the Finder, and restrict which applications are visible to this user – even to the extent of blocking access to particular Dashboard Widgets.

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