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Once again changing places, Reneeinserts a butt plug into Chelsea's tight little asshole and fucks her with a strap-ondildo.

Still not satisfied, Chelsea wants to share one more intimate moment with Renee -she has her bend over on the couch so that she can tease her asshole with the enema tubebefore inserting it and filling Renee's ass before inserting a butt plug.

They slowly undress her and enjoy her body with their hands and mouths.

Star is barely awake and asks them not to do this but they continue.

As Star is close to cumming, they back off again and switch positions.

Now Tyler is fucking Star's mouth with the dildo and her husband is taking her from behind. Finally, they lay Star on her back and Tyler goes down on her while her husband puts himself in her mouth.

Angel and Renee are getting ready for their hot dates thatevening - during conversation they realize that they are dating the sameguy!!

Not knowing what to do about it - they talk about it some more -comparing notes to make sure it is the same guy who has been courting bothgirls. They light up cigarettes and getstarted on the first shot.

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