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Polina: Keep open and honest communication on finances and work together to build their score.

Be supportive and make it clear that having good credit is important for your financial future. She wrote an excellent article on ways to boost their credit score.

Have they mentioned how forgetful they are about paying bills on time?

These are all little things you can pick up on before your relationship gets serious.

Polina: If someone doesn't have a credit history or has bad credit, this can affect their lifestyle in a number of ways.TDS: People tend to be at their best when they're dating.We all know someone who was surprised to find out that the person they married wasn't as neat or thoughtful as they appeared during their dating days.TDS: Studies show that money is a common reason for divorce and breakups.How can you tell if you're financially compatible with someone you're dating?

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If this person is particularly malicious and has access to your personal information, they could use it to defraud you by opening accounts in your name and exploiting them.

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