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(Perhaps better help text in the latter case could be helpful?

)You would be surprised about the amount of sites that are not "enterprise" but have this many files.

Uploading thousands or millions of files into one directory is a very bad idea, which can have performance implications too.

FAILED: Simple Test: [PHP 5.4 My SQL] Unable to apply patch added_data_pattern_in_destination_folder-2128055_28.patch. See the log in the details link for more information.We should have safe defaults, so I propose providing a mechanism in core to prevent this kind of data corruption.One problem with using dates in the URL for files is that users may assume that it is a timestamp of sorts for the file, which may lead to confusion about the freshness of content.View Yesterday, a big Drupal site was down for several hours because Drupal uploaded hundreds of thousands of files into a single directory.The amount of files caused severe problems for the underlying filesystem, leading to data corruption.


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I would suggest a pattern of [entity]/[bundle]/[field]/[id]/my_snarky_for a file.

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