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I am seriously impressed at how well Kate has matched us.But when Freddie mentions that of his six children, four are under 19, I realise that he is not for me. If you go on a date, you feel you should impress; if mutual friends have arranged the date, you feel pressure on their behalf.Their international list includes CEOs and tycoons and the fee rises in relationship to your demands: if you want a Japanese man with fluent French and a degree in engineering, the price will be considerably higher than if you are a little less prescriptive.Situated in Knightsbridge, Seventy Thirty is more formal than the other agencies.Before Lemarc calls with some prospective candidates, I visit Karen Mooney, who established Sara Eden in 1988.Its offices in London and Windsor are filled with pictures of happy couples.Kate is adamant that a first meeting should last no more than one and a half hours.The following week I hear about “Freddie” and he is given my mobile number (in all my encounters, the man was given my phone number and either rang or texted. Freddie is a 57-year-old Irish businessman, public school and Oxbridge - and a total delight.

I am surprised at how easy it is to talk to total strangers when you have gone through the introductory process. My next date is with Jonathan, the man Lemarc Thomas has chosen for me.I’ve been married, and enjoyed a long relationship since my divorce in 2003. If I was really honest, Christmas, when everyone else is sitting down to the turkey and cranberry sauce with their spouses and children, can make me feel lonely.When that didn’t work, I still had my fabulous friends, work I love and, recently, a house to renovate. Then, there’s my birthday, bank holidays and August.Karen shows me folders of testimonials and I am allowed to choose my prospective date myself.She gives me a few pre-selected CVs (with photos) to peruse, too.

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I enjoy myself – though I have a niggling suspicion from the way Jonathan takes his leave of me at the end of dinner with a brief peck on the cheek that romance is not on the cards.

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