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Once infected, those Internet-connected devices become part of a botnet army, driving malicious traffic toward a given target.The source code for one of these types of botnets, called Mirai, was recently released to the public, leading to speculation that more Mirai-based DDo S attacks might crop up.DNS is a system that resolves the web addresses we see every day, like, into the IP addresses needed to find and connect with the right servers so browsers can deliver requested content, like the story you're reading right now.

That first bout was resolved after about two hours; a second attack began just before noon.Dyn reported a third wave of attacks a little after 4 pm ET.In all cases, traffic to Dyn's Internet directory servers throughout the US—primarily on the East Coast but later on the opposite end of the country as well—was stopped by a flood of malicious requests from tens of millions of IP addresses disrupting the system.The DDo S attack overwhelmed the servers of New Hampshire-based company Dyn and came in three waves Friday starting around 7 a.m. The disruption may have lost companies up to 0 million in revenue and sales, according to CEO John van Siclen.The FBI said Friday that it was "investigating all potential causes of the attack," and the U.

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Indeed, access to dozens of sites and services has been disrupted by the attack.

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