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Why are you monitoring his online activities/fantasies at all?

What your boyfriend is doing sounds relatively harmless—he’s pretending to be someone he’s not while flirting with other people online who are most likely pretending to be someone they’re not.

She discovered the dating app I used, and we worked through that.

But she doesn’t know that shortly after her discovery, I went ahead and cheated.

And once she goes, PAIN, don’t lie around tormenting yourself with mental images of all the things/men she’s doing in Los Angeles.

Don’t put your life on hold—love life included—while she’s gone. So get out there, date other women, do some things/women you haven’t done.

This isn’t what you want, PAIN, you’ve made that clear to her, but she’s gonna fuck other guys anyway.To my meager, meager credit, I did seek out only women who were looking for NSA hookups.But I quickly came to realize how big of a mistake this was, how much I love my fiancée, and that I’m a shitty person. I feel like I’m not the person my fiancée thought I was. Should I just accept this as a lesson learned and keep it to myself?Aside from the salacious details of an affair, the story is just added to the ever-growing list of technological mishaps by men looking for love.This one just happens to be embarrassing because he bases his career on his tech skills.

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