My sirius radio keeps saying updating

I told them "no way that is the problem" since it still play the 50s station but told them to go ahead and try it. I was on the phone with Sirrius on the 1st and the 2nd of September for 1 hour each time. But since it is on channel 5 continuously and I cannot change to anything else, the Sirius receiver will not accept the reactivate signal.

They installed a new antenna, reprogrammed something, and it still does the same thing, just like I had told them it would do. That is the reason I think the head unit is defective.

Since I was under warranty, the dealer replaced my Sirius Module and it worked then.

My SLK also had a different problem for a long time that many people have had. Dealer was going to replace this Sirius module for me too, but my C Class had taken the last one in stock, so I was suppose to bring the car back.

Now the dealer says it is a Sirius satellite problem and I have to wait for Sirius to reprogram their satellite. It's probably worth trying some things like that, not sure.

However, my 2010 BMW's and 2011 MB E350's Sirius receivers work fine so how can it be the satellite? I would try the re-hit a couple times myself at the Sirius site.

When Sirius did their channel lineup change in the Spring though and my car did the channel update, I *THINK* it fixed that issue for now, so I'm waiting it out while still under warranty to see what happens.

Seems illogical since all of the cars on their lot work fine. I would like to get somebody else to look at it but it is hard for me to take to another dealer; New Mexico only has one dealer. If you're under warranty, you're really in a good position.

When the Sirius receiver is turned on, it starts "acquiring" and then, after a couple of minutes, goes to a screen that says I am not subscribed (I am until April 2012) and to call Sirius.

All the time, it still plays the 50s oldies station but I cannot change it to anything else.

Talking to Sirius was hopeless, could not believe that they were trying to sell me something when all I wanted was to fix a problem.

Took it to the dealer and they said it needed a new antenna. I was finally given 800 number and told I needed to contact Mercedes. :-) Sirius tried to reactivate a bunch of times but to do this, the Sirius receiver must be on channel 184.

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