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If they can’t understand the point of Bible study, prayer, missions trips or hospitality, then they can’t or won’t participate alongside the believing spouse in those activities.The deep unity and oneness of a marriage cannot flourish when one partner cannot fully participate in the other person’s most important commitments.3.Lots of people come to faith at later stages of life and others may lose it.Happily for us, things have grown together and Daniel was confirmed last year.One that strangles your growth in Christ or strangles your growth as a couple, or does both?Paul warned against Christians being ‘unequally yoked’ for good reason.

Alternatively, if the believer holds on to a robust Christian life and practice, the non-believing partner will have to be marginalised.It’s important that you respect the other’s choices and allow them to be themselves.An obvious problem would be if the partner was actively ‘anti’ the faith of the Christian.And so I broke up with the perfect guy all because he wasn't a Christian.Everyone (including myself, sometimes) thought I was nuts and couldn't for the life of them understand it.

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