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Wanna see a sexy bitch shaking her sweet ass only for you? All the horny bitches gathered her and are waiting for your look! You were going to put the phone down and plug into real, live human behavior. You stand me up, you pick up the fucking phone and you CALL me. And we’re the ones who get to duck and run for cover? If you chuck the grenade, stick your head up over the fence like a grownup and take the blast. It’s Denver’s coolest pop culture pub and shucks – it would be awesome to win! You would have only had to touch 10 numbers to reach me, but instead you hammered-out a 200 character text message to say you overslept? Whether actions were intentional or completely inadvertent, we’ve thrown a grenade. (I’ve included a plug for one of my favorite blogs in there as well).In social networks you can find people with similar hobbies to yours and communication with such persons will be extremely interesting and exiting for you.Using social networks you’ll experience lots of advantages compared to other means of communication.The time has come when hot bitches are about to participate in crazy orgies, throwing their hot bodies into wild sex action!

from the album Fan of a Fan: The Album · Copyright: Writer(s): Jess Reed Jackson, Quincy Matthew Hanley, Mark Kragen, Christopher Maurice Brown, Michael Stevenson, Paris Jones, Nicholas Matthew Balding Lyrics Terms of Use You can tell by the way I walk that I got 'em Peel any girl that I wanna, got bitches and marijuana I can tell by the way you move that you a problem Peel any girl that I wanna, got bitches and marijuana I got 'em, I got 'em Ooh, she dance, she don't do it for free I got 'em, I got 'em Got bitches and marijuana T-ballin', globetrotter Got a bunch of pre-rolls and a gold lighter Think you on fire? We hide behind technology because we want to distance ourselves from the fallout of our actions. PS: I’m a shameless vote whore – stop by and vote for The Redhead in Westword’s Best of the Web Awards 2010! You can think I’m a bitch or add in a “Gee, Erika – no wonder you’re single” snide remark. But when someone disrespects you or hurts your feelings, do you want a digital “I’m sorry” coming your way? And I get that taking the blast might not feel great (then again, what you did probably didn’t feel great, either), but you might end up with something that feels pretty great: a continued connection with a kickass person. Stop gnawing on the digital teat and start tuning in real, live human behavior.

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