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However, your confidence often sets off a new lease on life when you're out there travelling. But then again, I find it dead easy because I'm a natural born talker and always have lots to say about anything and nothing.

You have to be a good listener too, especially if your conversation is not of great interest.

And these places are just two of so many more shopping complexes throughout Thailand where you can easily strike up a conversation with a good Thai girl that ultimately could end up in a fun day out for both of you.

Heaven knows, it could even bring about a bright new future, you never thought possible.

Feeling vulnerable, she decided to take up a friend's offer for some quick cash by bringing a suitcase lined with drugs back to the U. Snap: 'Some of the years we were allowed to take a photo to send home to our families.

So you put on your best smile and they stand you in front of a pretty tree and viola it doesn't look so bad...

Don't be fooled by the background,' Carnegie said of this image, which was taken in 2001 'There were times of water shortage, exposure to extreme heat almost constantly, power outages at night while in the room with 200 other people so no fans or running water even for toilets,' she said.

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One place that you seldom meet good Thai girls in Thailand is at the beach and that's because many Thai girls I find don't like spending too much time in the sun tanning. Having covered most of the avenues on how and where to meet good Thai girls in Thailand, there are many other places you can go to find the not so good girls.

As you can clearly see, by the smiling faces of all the girlfriends I have had the pleasure of meeting in Thailand, I just want to say that none of them was harmed in any way while taking these photos.

(or any other time for that matter) Being single and fancy-free has given me an opportunity to meet and greet so many beautiful girls from Thailand.

All it takes is to press the right buttons and you'll be well on your way to Venus. Hotels in all the cities and beach resorts on all the islands are also great places to meet good Thai girls in Thailand.

It's dead easy to meet beautiful girls in this industry because no matter where you go in Thailand you are bound to make some contact with any number of hotel personnel. There's no question about it, you wouldn't want to eat alone in your hotel room when there is just so much going on outside.

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